Tricked Out Garages

Tricked Out Garages in Gallatin and Neighboring Areas

One of the services we offer that you won’t find at many other garages in the Gallatin area is the installation of tricked-out luxury garages. If you’ve heard of tricked-out garages and are wondering how to get one for yourself, read on.

What Is a Tricked-Out Garage?

A tricked-out garage is a garage with unique features you add for convenience, practicality or simply because they look cool. One of the most popular features of tricked-out garages are car lifts. You’ve seen car lifts before, like at your local mechanic, but these are a little different — after all, you don’t really need to see underneath your car. In a typical tricked out garage, car lifts come as part of car pits. In other words, your car is in a pit underneath the normal garage floor, with the lift surrounding it.

At your command, the lift rises, and the car in the pit rises with it. This feature doubles the space of your garage. When the car or cars are in the pits, the garage looks empty, unless you have additional cars on the lifts as well.

How Do I Trick Out My Garage?

The best way to trick out your garage is with the help of a trained professional like EXL Garage Doors. Tricking out garages is one specialty of Eugene Crumpton, founder and owner of EXL Garage Doors. He loves turning garages into man caves or grease monkey paradises.

If you decide a tricked-out garage is for you, give us a call. We recommend starting with a plan. What do you want your tricked-out garage to look like? What features are most important to you? Once you know what you want, get in touch with us. We’ll design a plan for building it together, keeping your budget and the limitations of your garage in mind. Once you approve the design and estimate, we’ll get to work. We can even talk about a new Clopay® garage door as part of your tricked-out remodel. When it’s done, you’ll have a garage unlike any other on the block, a fun new space all your neighbors are bound to envy.

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