Wooden Garage Doors: A Complete Guide

Wooden Garage Doors: A Complete Guide

Hand-crafted wooden garage doors are made of the finest woods to give your home a beautiful and elevated appearance. With design options ranging from traditional to contemporary, wooden garage doors can be fully customized to seamlessly blend functionality with a style that complements your home’s overall design. Real wood garage doors give your property a stylish appearance that is truly remarkable. 

Benefits of Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors offer timeless elegance and an impressive aesthetic. In addition to its beauty, a wood garage door features numerous benefits, making it an ideal choice for redoing an existing door or building a new garage. Whether you’re enhancing an existing space or creating a new one, wooden garage doors come with these benefits:

  • Design variety: A wood garage door is an attractive option for homeowners that combines elegance and craftsmanship for a beautiful appearance. Wooden garage doors can enhance your property’s overall aesthetic and elevate the design of your building. These garage doors also come in various design options to increase your property’s visual appeal.
  • Durability: Wooden garage doors are durable and long-lasting. A wood garage door often uses sturdy and dependable woods, including cedar and hemlock. Real wood garage doors feature dependable construction in which minor scuffs or scratches are not easily visible. They also hold up well over time with continual use, withstanding dents.
  • Added value: A wood garage door is a valuable addition to a home that can elevate your design and even increase property value. Garage door replacement is ideal for an older or out-of-date garage door. A real wood garage door can improve the design and functionality of your property and increase the overall value.
  • Simple replacements: Many standard wood garage doors use wooden panels, letting you remove or replace only one panel of the garage door at a time. If a section of your wood garage door becomes damaged, you can easily refurbish this individual panel without having to redo the entire garage door. If the wood door is custom, or if it is fairly old, it may be more difficult to replace individual panels without the new panels looking different.
  • Energy efficiency: Wooden garage door insulation can help create an energy-efficient garage door that can maintain the temperature of your garage. Wooden garage door insulation can also muffle external sounds for added comfort.

Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors

Wood and steel garage doors are both excellent options when considering a new garage door for your home. Both wood and steel garage doors come with various advantages and disadvantages. Wood and steel garage doors are both customizable and provide an elevated aesthetic to your property. Choosing what garage door is right for you will depend on what features and advantages you may be looking for.

Pros of Wooden Garage Doors and Steel Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors and steel garage doors offer unique benefits while being an excellent renovation to your property. Either option offers these advantages for your home:

  • Aesthetic: Wood and steel garage doors add a unique element to your home’s design. In many cases, people may prefer the charm and appearance that a genuine wood garage door offers. On the other hand, steel garage doors can also be an attractive option for those looking for a new garage door in a more modern style.
  • Longevity: While a wood garage door can be prone to damage, one of the best benefits of a wood garage door is that you can easily replace individual panels. Working on just one panel allows you to fix a damaged section of your garage door without the need to redo the entire door. While steel doors may be at risk of corrosion or rust, you can easily fix them by changing a damaged panel, as well.
  • Insulation: While steel garage doors can have added inulation installed, wooden garage doors have the insulation built in. Wooden garage door insulation can provide increased comfort in your garage by maintaining a more stable temperature. Additionally, an insulated garage may be able to reduce sound transmission for quieter operation.

Cons of Wooden Garage Doors and Steel Garage Doors

While wooden garage doors and steel garage doors are high-quality and provide many benefits, there are a few factors to consider. No matter what material you choose, garage doors will naturally wear down over time and with continual use. Keep these aspects in mind when choosing either garage door material:

  • Maintenance: With any garage door, you will need to perform routine garage door maintenance to ensure its durability and integrity. The average garage door is used approximately 1,500 times a year. This continual use of your garage door may make it prone to a broken hinge or damaged section. Addressing any damages or issues quickly and correctly can help ensure the longevity of your garage door.
  • Installation: Steel garage doors are often much lighter than wooden garage doors, making them easier to install. When comparing a wood garage door or steel garage door, you will also need to consider if you are looking for manual function or an automatic opener. An automatic option makes operating a heavy wooden door safer. A steel door can function as a manual garage door, but an automatic opener provides convenience.
  • Cost: Because a wooden garage door is a bit more complex to install, it may take more time for professionals to put in a wood door compared to a steel one. That installation time can impact the overall cost of your new garage door. Cost can also vary depending on type of wood, if custom designs are used, paint or stain usage, and thickness of the door.

Wood Garage Door Styles

A wooden garage door features many unique design options that allow you to pick the perfect garage door that complements your design and aesthetic. Different garage door styles offer various benefits to your curb appeal. Choosing the ideal garage door style, color, design and size can ensure you achieve a balanced appearance of your property’s exterior.

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional raised-panel garage doors offer a classic style with sleek, clean lines. Raised panel is a wood-style garage door that features symmetrical raised rectangular panels, creating a unique design and texture. A raised-panel garage door comes in short and long panel options, depending on the overall appearance you are looking for.

Modern Garage Doors

Contemporary garage doors are an ideal addition to modern homes, featuring clean lines for a sleek yet functional door. In some cases, multiple materials, including wood, glass and metal, may create a unique effect and a layered garage door. Contemporary wood garage doors are an excellent way to add a stylish and fresh appearance to your home’s exterior while improving curb appeal. 

Carriage-House Garage Doors

carriage-house garage door is often referred to as a barn-style garage door. These doors are often featured on modern farmhouses. Carriage-house garage doors have a distinctively unique appearance that combines modern lines with rustic designs. A carriage-house garage door can also complement the design of Craftsman-style homes or any home needing a rustic garage door.

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