Do I Need Insulated Garage Doors in Tennessee?

Do I Need Insulated Garage Doors in Tennessee?

If you’re considering replacing your home’s garage door, you’ve likely come across insulated door options while researching which type of door best suits your needs and budget. While you can select a standard, stock garage door that can adequately operate and protect your home, having the right type of garage door can offer an exceptional return on investment — over 85 percent, on average — improve daily living and increase energy-efficiency. Not only can insulated garage doors make operations more efficient and convenient, but they’re also available in several designs, sizes and materials to fit your personal style.

Insulated garage doors with a slate finish

As a Tennessee homeowner, why would you need insulated garage doors? In Tennessee, many months of the year are pleasant and comfortable, but during harsh winters, temperatures can drop to the low teens and reach blazing temperatures in the 100s during summer months. An insulated garage door can help your home maintain comfortable indoor conditions and prevent precious air from escaping to the outdoors.

Here are some of the benefits of insulated garage doors:

  • Lower Energy Costs: While you may not spend a lot of extra time in your garage, attached garages are still part of your home, and you can easily be losing heat or cool air during extreme temperatures — driving up your annual utility costs. The construction standards for your garage are often different than other areas of your home and can allow more gaps, leading to leakages. With a new insulated garage door, you can reduce air loss.
  • Added Durability: Standard panel garage doors are steel or aluminum wrapped over panel frames, which can be easily damaged by impacts and weather-related damages. The insulation found in garage doors strengthens the materials of the door, which prevents sagging, bending and ripping, and can extend the lifespan of your door.
  • Improved Protection: During times of extreme hot and cold temperatures, vehicles and other items stored in your garage can be negatively affected. Cars subjected to freezing temperatures are unreliable and can have shorter battery lives, thickened motor fluids, low tire pressure, and unpredictable spark plugs or wiring. In warm temperatures, paints, fertilizers, cleaning supplies and vehicle fluids can change consistency or become useless. With an insulated garage door, you can better regulate the temperature of your garage.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: With the added layer of insulation and tightly manufactured construction, insulated garage doors tend to have less rattling than lightweight doors and will dampen sounds while the door is opening and closing.
  • Convenience: Have you ever had to scurry to your car because the outside temperature is unbearably cold or scorching hot? By having an insulated garage door, you can achieve more comfortable temperatures throughout your garage. You can even extend your living space to the garage by creating a more pleasant environment for working out or finishing hobbies.

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At EXL Garage Doors, we offer a wide selection of Clopay garage doors. All our insulated garage doors are available in a variety of colors, materials and styles to fit your personal style and enhance your home’s architecture. You can even customize your garage door to best suit your needs and design aesthetic. To find the ideal Clopay garage door for your home, visit our showroom today to peruse our large selection of residential doors.

For over 20 years, EXL Garage Doors has been providing the most dependable and efficient garage door installations for homeowners throughout Tennessee, including Nashville, Franklin and Gallatin. Not only can our team assist you in selecting, designing and installing a new insulated garage door, but we can also help you with any repair or maintenance needs you may have. Schedule services today by speaking to one of our team members at 615-863-5106 or by filling out our online contact form. You can also request a free service estimate.

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