Why Does My Garage Door Open and Close By Itself?

Why Does My Garage Door Open and Close By Itself?

When a garage door opens by itself, the reason may be less supernatural than you think. Garage doors are electrical systems and rely on wires, sensors and circuits to make your life easier. When something occurs in the system, it can send signals to your operator telling it to open or close your garage door. These systems are susceptible to damage, interference and more, but in many cases, the cause is something you can likely take care of yourself.

How to Fix a Garage Door That Opens By Itself

In the best case, a garage door opening by itself can be annoying. In more serious circumstances, it can place your property at risk for theft, expose your home to the elements or lead to injuries and liability concerns. If your garage door acts like it has a mind of its own, check to see if the answer is something simple. To try fixing the issue yourself, follow these steps:

  • Check your sensors: All garage doors manufactured after 1993 have safety sensors included as part of the package. Garage door safety sensors typically mount near the floor or at the base of the tracks and send invisible signals across the opening of the garage. If the sensors fall out of alignment or detect movement while the door is closing, the operator automatically signals the door to open. Check each of your sensors for alignment, and sweep your garage free of any debris. 
  • Check your opener: Most garage door openers get a lot of use but don’t receive much attention. In some cases, the buttons on garage door openers can accumulate dirt and become stuck, sending repeat signals to your door. Clean all the buttons on your opener using alcohol, and open the housing to clean the connections. Be sure to inspect your wiring for any loose connections, exposed wires or damage. It’s also possible that one of your neighbors uses the same frequency as yours, but with today’s technology, such an issue is unlikely.
  • Check the motor: Your motor is the brains of the operation and relies on a circuit board and transformer to keep your door working as designed. If you have a power surge or other electrical issue, it can damage these components and may cause your door to open and close without a command. If you have access to a multimeter, you can use it to test the voltage in and out of these components to see if they’re in working condition or hold the answer to your mystery.

Call the Experts

The most important part of any DIY garage door repair is creating a safe working environment and avoiding unnecessary risks. If your garage door opens by itself and you can’t locate the source of the problem, feel unsafe working on it yourself or need help implementing the solution, reach out to a professional. For expert garage door repair services anywhere in the Nashville or Gallatin areas, contact EXL Garage Doors today.

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