Garage Door Insulation Services

Everyone wants to save money on their household energy bills. Some strategies include changing your energy supplier to save on electricity or finding the best price per gallon on heating fuel. As you find ways to make your home more cost-effective and eco-friendly, have you considered how much heating and cooling is lost through your garage door? If you want to get the most out of your home’s air conditioning and heating, contact EXL Garage Doors about garage door insulation services.

Benefits of Insulating Your Garage Door

Here are the four main advantages of insulating your garage door.

Save on Energy Costs

As the temperatures outside rise and fall throughout the year, the temperature of your garage will change as well. If your garage is attached to your home, an uninsulated garage door will leech warm air out of the adjoining rooms and replace it with outside air. As a result, your heat will kick on, using more fuel and electricity to reheat the rooms.

A garage door insulation kit is relatively inexpensive and can provide supplemental insulation to help you save money.

Enjoy a Consistent Garage Temperature

Because of their location and usage, garages are one of the most inefficient areas of the home and are difficult to keep at a steady temperature. Adding insulation helps prevent air from getting in so you can better manage your garage temperature.

Ensure Valuables Stay Safe

Insulating your garage door is crucial if you use it as a workspace or storage space for valuable items like antiques or classic cars. It’s important to protect your belongings both from the weather and cold temperatures. In particular, older automobiles are susceptible to rust in humid weather and damage in cold weather. For example, their fluids can become more viscous and their wiring can be hampered.

Using insulation to create a buffer zone that’s slightly cooler than your home but warmer than the outside will create a comfortable atmosphere in your garage workspace. 

Reduce Unwanted Noise

An insulated garage door can help reduce noise that originates both from within and outside of the garage. If you spend time in your garage, consider using insulation to keep warm air in and help with noise reduction. As a result, you can work in peace and comfort within the confines of your garage at any time of day. 

Contact EXL Garage Doors for Insulation Services

Installing an insulation kit requires precise cutting in order to make it flush into the panels. EXL Garage Doors has knowledgeable, experienced staff that can take care of all your garage door services, including garage door installation fitting.  We also offer a variety of Clopay® garage doors that come pre-fitted with insulation. 

Let EXL Garage Doors be your go-to garage door insulation company. Contact us today to request service or if you have any questions about garage door insulation or any other garage door maintenance or repair needs.