Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair in Gallatin, TN, and Neighboring Areas

In addition to being a LiftMaster® garage door opener dealer and installer, EXL Garage Doors offers quality LiftMaster repair in Gallatin, TN, and surrounding areas. If your garage door isn’t working, the garage door opener is often the culprit.

We know a problem with your garage door opener can be incredibly inconvenient and disrupt your entire day, which is why we have highly-skilled experts in LiftMaster garage doors ready to come to your home and repair your LiftMaster garage door as soon as possible once we get your call. Our professional repair technicians are trained in all types of LiftMaster garage door openers, from jackshaft and belt drive openers to chain drive openers and more.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Opener?

If your LiftMaster garage door opener goes down, you’ll have to decide whether you want to repair it or replace it. The first step is to call EXL Garage Doors, so we can give you an estimate on how much the repair will cost. You’ll want to figure out whether it will be cheaper to repair or replace your garage door opener.

If it will be cheaper to replace the garage door opener, there’s no question. If, however, as is often the case, repair is cheaper, there will be other factors to consider. The biggest is how old the garage door opener is. If you’ve had the same garage door opener for 10 years or more, it’s time to replace it, even if repair is possible. Not only is a garage door opener that old likely to fail again, but buying a new LiftMaster garage door opener will allow you to take advantage of the many advances in garage door opener technology that have occurred since you bought your garage door opener, like MyQ Smart wireless remote operation or rolling code security technology that blocks hackers from stealing your garage door code.

Contact EXL Garage Doors for LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Service Today

Whatever you decide, EXL Garage Doors stands ready to help. We have a beautiful selection of LiftMaster garage door openers to choose from should you decide to replace your existing model, and our experienced pros can install one for you while you wait.

If you decide to go the repair route, you can count on efficient, skilled repair from our courteous, knowledgeable professionals. They’ll get your garage door opener and garage door system back on track fast, so you can resume your daily activities without further worry about your garage door operation.

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