Avante® Collection Garage Doors in Gallatin, TN

One of the things that characterizes modern garage doors is creative and extensive use of windows and glass. The Avante collection of garage doors from Clopay takes glass panel garage doors to the next level. With a sturdy aluminum frame and eight panels for the custom glass that you choose, Avante garage doors are as modern as they come. If you’re looking for glass garage doors in Gallatin, Franklin, Nashville, TN, or surrounding areas, you want an Avante door.

Avante Collection Door Options

Avante Collection doors are incredibly customizable. For the aluminum frame, you can choose an anodized finish, a powder-coated finish or even Ultra-Grain® for a natural wood look to your modern style garage door. For the panels, you can choose from tempered glass, acrylic, insulated glass or solid aluminum, with color options such as white, brown, clear, bronze or black anodized, bronze, Ultra-Grain light cherry or Ultra Grain dark cherry.

Avante Collection Glass Options

One of the notable features of the Avante Collection garage door is that you can customize your glass for your preferred level of privacy and light control. The glass panels of the Avante garage door mean you can turn a light on inside the garage for a warm glow that illuminates your driveway when you come home at night, and bright, natural sunlight to greet you in the morning on your way out.

The amount of light you let in and the amount of privacy you have is up to you. You can choose between different levels of obscurity — from completely clear glass that lets full light in, but also lets others see inside, to solid panels that allow no light and total privacy. Naturally, the more privacy you want, the less light will come in and out, and vice versa. We can help you find the balance that’s right for you. We also have insulated glass options, which can prevent heat from escaping from your garage in the winter and stop it from coming in in the summer, making you more comfortable and saving you money on energy costs.

Get Your Avante Collection Garage Door at EXL Garage Doors Today

It should be clear now why the Avante garage door from Clopay is so popular. A truly modern home deserves a truly modern garage door, and the Avante Collection from Clopay is the best name in modern garage doors. To see a sample door up close, come visit our showroom. If you’re ready to customize and order your Avante garage door, give us a call or contact EXL Garage Doors online now.

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