Lebanon, TN Garage Door Repair and Installation Services

Professional Garage Door Services in Lebanon, TN

Just 25 miles from downtown Nashville, Lebanon, Tennessee, has a rich history while still being a part of the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area. From sweeping lake houses to historic homes near the town square, many residences in the area require new garage doors or garage door repairs.

At EXL Garage Doors, we specialize in providing a wide range of garage door services to homeowners in Lebanon. Whether you want to upgrade the front of your home with stunning new garage doors, add insulation or fix an ongoing problem, you can count on our team. 

Garage Door Repair in Lebanon

EXL Garage Doors is your source for the highest quality garage doors and services, including garage door repairs. Our services are fully customizable and include garage door maintenance, replacement, insulation, repair, installation and inspection.

You probably open your garage door over a thousand times a year, and it operates under heavy pressure and weight. This essential part of your home receives a lot of wear and tear, which is why high-quality garage doors and regular maintenance and inspections are needed to keep your garage doors operating correctly. 

However, breakdowns can happen. When they do, EXL Garage Doors can properly diagnose the issue and make professional repairs to help you keep any warranty on your doors. Whether your garage door is making grinding sounds, sagging, opening and closing incorrectly, or has obvious signs of damage, our technicians can help. We are experienced with all garage door makes and models, so you can rely on us. We even offer garage door opener repairs if only your opener is affected. 

Sometimes, replacement garage doors are a better option than making an expensive repair. We are the right choice if you need replacement garage doors. Our garage door installation services in Lebanon help save you time because our technicians take care of the whole process. We can also help you maintain your investment with regular inspections and seasonal maintenance.

New Garage Doors for Your Lebanon Home

EXL Garage Doors is your local Clopay® Dealer. Clopay is one of the top garage door manufacturers in the country, offering stylish and durable garage doors in a variety of styles, designs, colors and materials. When you choose a Clopay door, you can always customize it to the look you want. Our professionals can even help you find the perfect garage door option and install it for you.

During installation, we take care of every detail so your garage doors last as long as possible. In Lebanon, homeowners turn to EXL Garage Doors for quality garage doors and exceptional service.

Why Invest in Garage Door Services? 

Your garage door is not where you want to cut corners. Trying to fix a problem alone could cause serious harm to yourself or others. Convenience and your home’s curb appeal are also tied to your garage doors. With the right garage doors for your property, you have convenient access to your car and home. Plus, your home will look great while staying secure. 

To enjoy beautiful, durable garage doors or get dependable repairs and related services, contact us at EXL Garage Doors. You can also request an estimate or schedule a service today.



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