Happy Memorial Day!

This weekend we honor the fearless efforts of the brave women and men who fought for the freedom of our country. You will always be remembered! Happy Memorial Day!

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Barn-Style Garage Doors

Barn-Style Garage Doors Carriage-style garage doors, often referred to as “barn style,” are one of the oldest and most traditional types of garage doors. Originally, this door style was used as a barn door when people rode horses or traveled in coaches as their primary form of transportation. A carriage door was installed over the doorway of the barn and would widely swing outward to accommodate the size of a carriage. These types of doors were then always known as “carriage-style” or “barn-style” garage doors. Today, carriage garage doors are an increasingly popular garage door design for traditional and Craftsman-style […]

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How to Open a Frozen Garage Door

How to Open a Frozen Garage Door Winter weather and cool temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable — they can also wreak havoc on your home, including your garage door system. Cold temperatures can cause parts of your garage door or motor to seize and struggle to open, but in extreme cases of winter weather mishaps, water can collect underneath your garage door seal and then freeze and prevent your door from opening. This can either leave you stuck inside your house or left outside in the cold. Luckily, if your garage door is frozen shut, you don’t need to wait until […]

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Preparing For Winter With Garage Door Maintenance

Preparing For Winter With Garage Door Maintenance For most homeowners, their garage doors are the main entrance to their homes. Now, imagine coming home after work or running errands, preparing to relax and enjoy quality time with your family, and clicking your garage door remote only to find the garage door won’t budge. Being exposed to extremely cold temperatures, cool winds and excess moisture, it’s fairly common during the winter in Tennessee for your garage door to freeze shut. Although finding your garage door frozen closed is inconvenient, this occurrence can be easily avoided by properly performing garage door winterization […]

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Do I Need Insulated Garage Doors in Tennessee?

Do I Need Insulated Garage Doors in Tennessee? If you’re considering replacing your home’s garage door, you’ve likely come across insulated door options while researching which type of door best suits your needs and budget. While you can select a standard, stock garage door that can adequately operate and protect your home, having the right type of garage door can offer an exceptional return on investment — over 85 percent, on average — improve daily living and increase energy-efficiency. Not only can insulated garage doors make operations more efficient and convenient, but they’re also available in several designs, sizes and materials to fit your […]

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Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

As a homeowner, you likely use your garage door every day — average homeowners use their garage doors at least 1,500 times per year. With constant use, you’ve likely experienced problems with your door and needed urgent garage door repairs. Malfunctioning or broken garage doors can be inconvenient, leaving you unable to quickly and easily leave or enter your home, prompting timely and expensive repairs. They are also a safety hazard for you and family members. When you notice signs that your garage door needs repairs or experience any of these common garage door issues, call a professional to quickly, […]

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Signs You Need a New Garage Door

When you left your home today to go to work or run errands, did you notice that your garage door either isn’t operating as efficiently as it once was or is beginning to look unattractive or dated? Garage doors are an essential feature of your home, facilitating easy and reliable opening and closing as well as adding curb appeal. While many homeowners ignore the telltale signs that they need a new garage door, by being proactive about garage door replacement, you can save time and money, avoid unexpected emergency repairs and add value to your home. How can homeowners easily […]

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