How to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Close All the Way

How to Fix a Garage Door That Won't Close All the Way

If your garage door opens just fine but gets stuck at any point on the way down, you need to get the problem taken care of. A stuck door is more than an eyesore — it’s a weak point in the structure of your home that leaves your property exposed to everything the world has to offer. In many cases, a garage door that won’t close all the way is caused by something simple that you can resolve yourself without calling a professional repair service.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?

Garage doors consist of several components that all contribute to smooth, quiet and reliable operation. If any part of the system is blocked, becomes loose, falls out of alignment or is otherwise prevented from doing its job, it can cause your door to get stuck while closing. Here are some of the most common reasons a garage door won’t close all the way, along with some simple DIY solutions you can use to get your door working again:

  • Check the sensors: Garage doors made after 1993 are equipped with safety sensors to prevent damage and injury while the door is closing. These sensors are valuable safety features, but they’re notorious for causing issues with door operation. Make sure they have power and that their wires look intact.
  • Clean your sensors: The sensors send an invisible beam across the opening of the garage door. If they’re blocked or a lens becomes dirty, it can send false signals to your door. To help these components work as designed, clean the lenses of your sensors and sweep any debris from the path of the beam.
  • Align your sensors: The sensors mount to either side of the garage door just above the floor. It’s easy to accidentally kick them or knock them out of place with a minimal amount of force, disrupting door operation. To put the sensors back in place, crouch down and gently move them back into the right position by hand.
  • Check the tracks: The tracks running up the sides of your garage door guide the rollers as the door moves. If they get warped, bent or damaged, it can stop the door from closing partway down. Check your tracks for apparent signs of damage. If possible, use a rubber or wooden mallet to get them back into shape if you notice minor issues. Make sure you search for and tighten any loose hardware, clear dirt or grime from the tracks and lubricate using a silicone spray.
  • Check your travel limits: Most garage door operators have travel limits programmed into them at the time of installation. In some cases, these limits may be incorrect or can slowly shift from their desired setting over time. If the travel limits are set too high, the door will stop before reaching the ground. Climb up on a ladder and look at the back of your motor for adjustment knobs or switch screws. Take your time and make small adjustments to prevent overcorrection.

Get Expert Help

If you see a broken spring or any damaged cables hanging down, call a professional. Making these repairs can be dangerous without the right equipment and training. For expert garage door repair in the Nashville or Gallatin areas, contact the pros at EXL Garage Doors today.

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