Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage Door Cable Replacement in and Around Gallatin, TN

Is it time to replace the cables on your garage door? If you’re like most people, you might have no idea. To find out if it’s time for a garage door cable replacement in Gallatin, EXL Garage Doors can help.

What Are Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are heavy-duty cables that control the torsion springs that open and close your garage door. They prevent those springs from recoiling, which allows these powerful springs to operate safely and smoothly to open and close the door.

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Like any other part of your garage door system, cables have a set lifespan. When they reach the end of it, they need to be replaced.

How Do You Know If You Need Garage Door Cable Replacement?

There are several signs of garage door cable failure. You may be able to tell just by looking at your garage door cable. If a cable is frayed or rusted over — as will happen if they go long enough without replacement — a visual inspection should reveal it. If the door is catching because there is incorrect winding around the drum or damage to the pulley mechanism, this typically indicates a cable issue.

In general, if your garage door is making loud noises, opening and closing slowly, erratically, or not at all, and it is not a problem with your garage door opener, there is a good chance your cables, springs or both need to be replaced.

Can I Replace My Own Garage Door Cables?

We don’t recommend trying to replace your own heavy-duty garage door cables. The spring and cable mechanism is very delicate and contains a lot of force. The wrong move could subject you to serious injury. In addition, if you damage your garage door system while trying to replace cables, it could void your warranty.

Besides, there’s no reason to attempt buying and installing garage door cables yourself when all it takes is a simple call to EXL Garage Doors. We’ll come down right away with brand new cables and install them quickly while you wait.

Call EXL Garage Doors for Cable Replacement and Other Garage Door Service Today

If you have any problem with your garage door, EXL should be your first call. We’ll replace any springs, cables or other parts we deem necessary with your approval and have your garage door up and running again before you know it.

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