Garage Door Broken Spring Replacement

Garage Door Spring Repairs and Replacements

One of the important services that EXL Garage Doors provides is broken spring replacement in Gallatin, TN. and surrounding areas. A broken garage door spring is one of the most common problems people have with a garage door, and usually the only thing to do is replace it.

How Garage Door Springs Work

Your garage door opening system is dependent upon either torsion springs, which are above your garage door, or extension springs, which are on the sides. You probably have two torsion springs above your door. These are powerful pieces of extremely tightly wound metal. The potential energy created by the tight winding of this metal gives these springs the power to open or close a garage door weighing hundreds of pounds when your garage door opener is activated. The action of the garage door opener winds or unwinds the spring to open or close the garage door, depending on which way the garage door needs to go.

Springs tensioning the home garage door mechanism, view from the inside, visible rail with chain.


Why Garage Door Springs Break

Your garage door opener system is a machine with many moving parts. Machine parts are designed to last a certain time, after which you replace them. This is true of any device, no matter how finely constructed it is. In the case of torsion springs, this lifetime is about 10,000 cycles, or 10,000 times opening and closing the door. How much is that in years? It depends on how much you use your door.

If you open and close your garage door two or three times a day, your springs can last ten years or more. If you open it twice as often, they’ll last half as long. Age and wear are the most probable cause of a broken spring, but there could be other causes, as well, such as a defective spring or unexpected damage to the spring from an outside source.

How to Know If You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring

You may get some warning, such as a loud bang coming from your garage in the middle of the night, but the most obvious indicator will be that your garage door doesn’t work properly, opening or closing with great difficulty, erratically or not at all.

What to Do If You Think You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring

If you suspect you have a broken garage door spring, contact EXL Garage Doors immediately. Don’t attempt to replace the spring yourself, as these springs hold a tremendous amount of energy and you could hurt yourself very badly. If your EXL Garage Door technician decides you need a new spring, he’ll have the tools and parts to replace it safely and easily.

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