Garage Door Track Repair

At EXL Garage Door, we want your garage door to last a lifetime. That’s why we offer garage door repair and maintenance services in addition to helping you choose a quality Clopay® door. To keep your garage door from going off the rails, we’re here to serve you with garage door track repair and installation.

How the Track Works

A garage door system relies on all the parts to be in good working order. Garage door tracks help guide moving parts like the rollers to ensure the door opens and closes properly. The tracks on either side of the door guide the parts that couple them together. As a result, they also hold the garage door in place when it is fully opened or closed.

Tracks can be vertical, horizontal or curved to guide the door into a closed or open position. They are vital to the proper functioning of your garage door and should be inspected frequently.

How Can I Tell if the Track Is Broken?

A garage door track can become damaged in many ways. If an object accidentally strikes the tracks, you should check them for any signs of damage. The lip of the track can become warped or bent on impact with heavier items, or the track can crack, crease or break entirely if hit with enough force. 

A broken garage door track can be diagnosed in many ways. If you can’t see where the roller door guide track has been affected, you will most likely be able to hear it. If you hear a thud or clang in one spot when opening or closing the garage door, your track may be damaged. Determining the best solution then becomes a question of whether you can fix the track yourself or need to call professional technicians.

If the track has only sustained a bend, you may be able to straighten the pieces with pliers or a hammer. If there is clearly a twist or crease in the track, call the professionals. They can determine whether you need a repair or replacement. During the service visit, the technicians should check other moving parts of the garage door, such as rollers and hinges, to make sure they are working normally with your new track system.

Contractor Installing Garage Door. Repairman use automatic screwdriver to drill the wall for garage door installation.

Contact a Professional for Garage Door Track Repair and Installation

Since the garage door tracks help keep the door itself in place, it’s always best to contact a professional rather than attempting a DIY repair. If not done professionally, the door can come crashing down and injure you or damage your belongings. 

At EXL Garage Doors, our professional technicians use a safe, reliable process to ensure the door does not fall while the tracks are being replaced. We will also ensure the tracks are aligned correctly.

We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service and more than 23 years of experience. If you have any questions about garage door track installation or other services we offer, please contact us today.

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