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Residential Garage Doors – Clopay®

EXL Garage Doors is proud to offer Residential Clopay garage doors for our Tennessee customers. Clopay is often praised as “America’s Favorite Garage Door” within the garage door industry because of the beauty and style of their doors, as well as their reliability and durability.

At EXL, you’ll find Clopay garage door designs in a wide variety of sizes and styles. There’s sure to be one that complements your home perfectly while staying within your price points, whether it’s more traditional or contemporary. These doors look great and are built to last, which is why we stand behind every residential Clopay door we sell.

Modern and Luxury Garage Doors in Nashville, TN

We have a wide range of Clopay modern and luxury garage doors in Nashville, TN, for you to choose from. These modern garage door design options come in a variety of materials and styles, often characterized by big, beautiful windows. You even have your choice of aluminum glass options that can be customized to the amount of light and privacy you want to admit. Some of the most popular Clopay garage door collections include:

  • The COACHMAN® Collection: Perfect for vintage style homes, these carriage house-style doors look like swing-out doors from older times, but are actually modern construction with four-layer insulated steel and composite construction. These doors come insulated with a 9.0 R-Value for great energy savings, and you can customize them in countless ways with fifteen base designs, four factory finish paint colors, optional windows and custom decorative hardware.
  • The CANYON RIDGE® Collection: Another classic carriage-house style door, these insulated steel doors come with composite cladding that includes actual wood to make these doors nearly indistinguishable from natural wood doors, but without any of the maintenance or wear issues wood doors have. Choose from Clear Cypress, Pecky Cypress or Mahogany cladding and a walnut, dark, medium or whitewash finish to complete the look.
  • The MODERN STEEL™ Collection: Choose flush or grooved panel options for these streamlined, modern looking doors with 13 factory finish options, including Ultra-Grain® Cypress for a natural wood look. These can come insulated and have a variety of window options.
  • The AVANTE® Collection: Some of the most modern-looking Clopay garage doors come in the AVANTE Collection. These doors have a sturdy aluminum frame and multiple glass panes you can customize by type of glass and finish for a unique look that welcomes lots of natural light.

Find Your Perfect Clopay Residential Door at EXL Garage Doors Today

We can’t wait to put a beautiful Clopay garage door on your home. Come down to our showroom and look at some samples of these great doors up close — or, give us a call or contact us online to find out how we can install the customized Clopay garage door of your choice now.

LiftMaster® Dealer in Gallatin, TN

If you’re not on the lookout for a LiftMaster garage door opener for your home near Nashville or Franklin, TN, you probably already have one. If not, you need to contact EXL Garage Doors, your reliable LiftMaster garage door opener dealer in Gallatin, TN.

There’s a reason LiftMaster is the number one name in garage door openers. LiftMaster has unparalleled quality when it comes to a smooth, quiet, convenient garage door operation. The selection of LiftMaster garage door openers we offer include: 

  • LiftMaster Chain Drive Openers: With durable chain drive operation, these heavy-duty openers have the power to easily and smoothly open and close the heaviest garage doors without a problem.
  • LiftMaster Belt Drive Openers: For those who find the chain drive to be a little too noisy, a LiftMaster belt drive opener is whisper quiet, so you can come in and out any hour of the day or night without worrying about disturbing the other residents of your home.
  • LiftMaster Residential Jackshaft Openers: For those without the overhead room for a conventional top-mounted garage door opener, these jackshaft openers do the job just as well with side-mounted operation.
  • Commercial Garage Door Openers: Commercial garage doors require toughness to handle the rigors of daily commercial operation. We offer trolley operators, jackshaft operators and hoist operators for commercial garage door systems.

Smart Garage Door Opener Technology

All residential LiftMaster garage door openers come with MyQ Smart Technology. This is a state-of-the-art system for remote garage door control. By installing a simple app, you have the power to open and close your garage door remotely from anywhere with a WiFi connection. You’ll always know when the garage door is open or closed from wherever you are, and can open or close it whenever you need to. Whether you have just arrived at work and realized you forgot to close the door when you left the house, or you’re on your way home and want to head right into the garage with no waiting, you will surely appreciate the value of this technology.

These garage door openers also feature Security+ 2.0 for your safety, a rolling code system that changes the opener code every time so enterprising hackers can’t steal the code and break into your home when you’re not around.

Contact EXL Garage Doors for a Quality LiftMaster Dealer Near Franklin, Nashville or Gallatin, TN

If you don’t have a LiftMaster garage door opener for your garage door, we’re ready to install one right now. Choose the LiftMaster that’s right for you, then give us a call or contact us online and we’ll be over to install it for you as soon as possible.  EXL Garage Doors is one of the best LiftMaster dealers in Tennessee!