How Long Does It Take to Install a Garage Door?

How Long Does It Take to Install a Garage Door?

Do you need to replace your home’s garage door? An upgrade can dramatically improve your property’s curb appeal, add protection and security, enhance safety and even increase your home’s value. 

While a significant home remodeling project like a bathroom or kitchen renovation typically takes several weeks or longer to complete, the time for garage door installation is much shorter. In most cases, a professional garage door company can handle the job in less than a day. 

Factors Affecting the Garage Door Installation Time

How long it takes to install your garage door depends on several factors:

  • New construction: Installing a door on a brand-new home or stand-alone structure is faster because there’s no existing door to remove. These projects may only take two to three hours — or less — to complete.
  • Similarity: If you’re replacing a door with a one that’s the same type and size, the job should take four to six hours. 
  • Size: A large door typically takes longer to install than a smaller model. A heavier, bulkier door requires extra effort to move and place and may require additional crew members.
  • Weather conditions: Rain, wind or snow can lengthen the installation process or cause a postponement until the conditions improve.
  • Installer’s skills and experience: Putting in a new garage door can be challenging and is not a do-it-yourself project. A professional door company can complete the job faster and will take all essential safety precautions.

The Garage Door Installation Process

While the process may vary depending on the factors listed above, the basic steps when installing a new garage door follow this order:

  1. Disassemble and remove the existing door and opener if applicable.
  2. Remove any rotted, cracked, damaged or improperly installed wood sections.
  3. Replace damaged wood, back jambs and mounting pads to ensure a safe door installation.
  4. Install the track on either side of the opening to guide the door during opening and closing.
  5. Install the new door.
  6. Install an operator reinforcement bracket (ORB) to ensure a better connection between the door and the opener.
  7. Install the drive unit that contains the motor and attach the J-arm to the ORB. 
  8. Connect the power supply by running the wiring from a ceiling to a wall switch and sensor. The sensors will not function without proper wiring.
  9. Test the door to ensure it opens and closes correctly and complies with state regulations.

Hiring a professional to execute these steps will ensure the job is done right. You’ll also avoid the dangers of installing a new garage door, especially when working with high-tension springs and cables and various electrical components. An inexperienced installer’s misstep could keep the door from working, void your manufacturer’s warranty, or cause a severe injury. 

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