Barn-Style Garage Doors

Barn-Style Garage Doors

-Updated 2/21/2020

Carriage-style garage doors, often referred to as “barn style garage doors”, are one of the oldest and most traditional types of garage doors. Originally, this door style was used as a barn door when people rode horses or traveled in coaches as their primary form of transportation. A carriage door was installed over the doorway of the barn and would widely swing outward to accommodate the size of a carriage. These types of doors were then always known as “carriage-style” or “barn-style” garage doors.

Barn-style garage doors

Today, carriage garage doors are an increasingly popular garage door design for traditional and Craftsman-style homes because of their visually clean and pleasing appearance. In the Nashville, TN, area, you can easily achieve simple elegance with a barn-style garage door courtesy of EXL Garage Doors.

What Is a Carriage-House or Barn Style Garage Door?

In their original design, carriage garage doors were crafted from solid wood with iron hinges, large handles and hardware. For added visual appeal, many traditional barn garage doors were designed with window inserts, decorative paneling or crisscrossed, barn-inspired planking. The door was installed to swing open instead of raising upward like today’s barn looking garage doors, to easily allow coaches and horses to enter the space.

While homeowners don’t use a horse and coach as transportation today, classic carriage-house doors are still desired to create a warm and welcoming appearance. Only with today’s technology and construction techniques, barn garage doors are crafted with superior materials and design features for lasting attractive finishes, durability and convenience.

Craftmanship Materials and Colors

With today’s technology and material options, garage door manufacturers can craft carriage garage doors using the finest materials and finishes for superior strength and a long-lasting appearance. Modern barn-style garage doors are made from insulated steel or composite cladding with natural wood for a more traditional look. These garage doors feature exceptional energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements and several customizable color and style options.

Our Clopay® steel carriage-style garage doors are available in four stunning factory paint finishes, as well as 100’s of custom Sherwin-Williams specialty paint colors. Or, for a faux wood finish, select either clear or peaky cypress or mahogany in beautiful stain options. Real wood garage doors are also available in a number of stains, factory and custom paint finishes, or primed so that they can be painted later.

Barn garage doors for Tennessee

Construction Options

Traditional barn garage doors had to swing widely outwards to accommodate the size of a horse and carriage. Thankfully, modern upgrades have reimagined the carriage-style door to suit easy comings and goings for vehicles. Typical carriage garage doors are constructed to open upward as a rolling sectional garage door, but homeowners can customize their barn garage door designs to suit your daily needs.

Hardware Varieties and Design Features

A new barn style garage door for your Nashville home doesn’t have to conform to the traditional standards of a barn door. Today’s barn garage door manufacturers offer several customization options so your carriage garage door can truly stand out and be original. Choose from several wrought iron hardware options like decorative hinges and large handles with more contemporary or classic finishes.

Your carriage-style door can stay a solid, decorative piece or include beautiful window inserts, typically installed in the top panel, to allow peaceful natural lighting into your garage. Window panels can be designed with several decorative insert options and have custom glass installed, including opaque and tinted, to suit your personal tastes.

Barn-style Garage Doors for Nashville, Gallatin, and the surrounding area

Install a New Barn-Style Garage Door With EXL Garage Doors

With a new barn-style garage door, your home can become the envy of your neighbors and truly stand out. At EXL Garage Doors, we offer a wide selection of gorgeous carriage garage doors from Clopay with several color and hardware customization options available. Our skilled team of design and installation experts will work closely with you to find styles and materials that enhance your home’s architecture, provide lasting durability and fit your budget. Our team will also install barn door garage openers. You can also take a look at our showroom to find the perfect barn-style garage door for you

Request a free installation estimate today for barn-style garage doors by completing our online form or call 615-863-5106 to learn more about our barn-style garage doors and other products.

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