Signs You Need a New Garage Door

When you left your home today to go to work or run errands, did you notice that your garage door either isn’t operating as efficiently as it once was or is beginning to look unattractive or dated? Garage doors are an essential feature of your home, facilitating easy and reliable opening and closing as well as adding curb appeal. While many homeowners ignore the telltale signs that they need a new garage door, by being proactive about garage door replacement, you can save time and money, avoid unexpected emergency repairs and add value to your home. How can homeowners easily determine signs they need a new garage door?

How Do I Know When I Need a New Garage Door?

When you replace your garage door you can not only save time and money, but you can also increase curb appeal, modernize your home’s exterior and improve daily functionality. Typically, homeowners should consider replacing their garage doors after 10 or 20 years, but if you’re still unsure about whether you should replace your garage door, look out for the following garage door MONSTERS lurking around your garage:

  • Maintenance: If your garage door has been unreliable recently, often leaving you stranded inside or out of your garage, and requires frequent maintenance or repairs by a professional, then you would likely benefit from a garage door replacement.
  • Outdated: When you glance at your garage door, does it match your home’s other features or detract from its appearance? Many homeowners may avoid replacing their doors to save money or they underestimate the overall aesthetics added by an updated garage door. Replacing your garage door actually increases the value of your home and has the highest return on investment of any home improvement – 98.3% on average, nationwide.
  • Noisy Operations: Your garage door will typically make some noise while opening and closing, but as the door ages and wears, it may begin shaking or be excessively noisy. Sometimes this will indicate that certain parts, like the springs, tracks and pulleys, need maintenance, but it could also reveal you need a new door.
  • Slow Response: After sending a command to your door, it should respond within a few seconds. If the door moves after more than 10 seconds, then you should call a professional to inspect the cause and help determine if a replacement would benefit you.
  • Tired Appearance: After being exposed to damaging elements like storms and direct sunlight, over time your garage door may show signs of wear and tear, like dents, cracks and other signs of damage. Some of these dings can be quickly and easily repaired, but eventually, the unattractive look of your door cannot be ignored. Also, cracks in the door can lead to bowing or panels breaking on the door, rendering it inoperable.
  • Energy Loss: For homes with attached garages, panels and worn weatherstripping can greatly reduce your overall energy-efficiency — leading to increased heating and cooling system operations and higher utility costs. Newer garage doors feature better and more effective insulation to help you maintain your indoor temperatures and ensure energy-efficiency.
  • Repurposing Spaces: Many homeowners decide that their home’s garage would be better used as additional living space versus storage for vehicles. Instead of removing your garage door completely, consider updating your garage door to more contemporary and attractive designs that will not only enhance your space, but can also easily be converted back into a garage if your needs change.
  • Safety UpgradesNot only are newer garage door styles more attractive and crafted from superior materials, but they also feature the latest safety standards, like automatic reversals and added security and locking capabilities. With these safety upgrades, you can prevent burglaries and other safety-related concerns.

Choose EXL Garage Doors for Your Garage Door Replacement

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